Our Environmental Credentials

Manufacture starts in our factory

From manufacture of Street Decals products to our sources of supply, to our support for recycling and recycling initiatives, our system makes sense – environmentally and commercially.

Commitment to Recycling

To decrease the amount of refuse created throughout our manufacturing and distribution, the Street Group have developed a pioneering recycling program. We recycle the bulk of the waste we create ourselves, with less than 1% of the by-products we cannot recycle sent elsewhere to be used in production of furniture, pipes and other products.

Creating a Better Tomorrow Today

To make sure that our dedication to helping the environment is proven and scrutinised, Street Decals have adopted the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Requirements are that we operate under tight parameters and processes to improve both the management of Street Decals and the impact we have on the environment while doing so. The system allows us to pinpoint the elements of our operations that are affecting the environment and adapting them to eliminate further environmental harm..

Street Decals comply with European Legislation ensuring hazardous solvents are removed and recycled properly. Consequently Street Decals have invested over £1/4 million into new machinery to guarantee all products are manufactured with a new eco-friendly system.

Energy Saving Products

Street Decals are passionate about our environment which is why we were one of the first companies to launch energy rated products. Alongside other Street companies, we are at the cutting edge of research and product innovation, with a commitment to using the latest technology in the continual development of energy efficient products.

Committed to Sustainability

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Street Decals has also produced “The Green Book” which provides an overview of our products and services in relation to the environment in order to increase awareness regarding sustainability across our manufacturing processes.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Street Decals supports the Government initiative ACT ON CO2, by providing an extensive range of superior quality and energy-efficient products which have been specifically designed to significantly reduce carbon footprint and save energy. Wow, we are good