Cast Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Cast Vinyl Decals are the best vinyl decals money can buy and fantastic if you need to apply Vehicle graphics, decals or stickers over uneven surfaces

The liquefied resin is coated onto a highly polished substrate i.e. casting paper, to produce a thin film of vinyl. Due to the lack of mechanical force being used, cast films do not have the same memory as calendared vinyl; consequently shrinkage is minimal, typically 50% less than Polymeric films. Cast films are generally 50 to 60 micron thick and are very soft to handle. They have a typical outdoor life expectancy of 10 years for black and white, 7 years for colours and 5 years for Metallics. The films are primarily available in a high gloss finish and are the ultimate in terms of conformability over complex contours i.e. rivets, corrugations etc