Street Decals – Your Security

We at Street Decals want you to be completely happy with your purchase and more importantly we want your transaction to be secure. Every page including the checkout page on our web shop thingy will be secured using SSL.  This means secure sockets layer, and ensures that any data transferred between your browser and our payment processor and servers is encrypted with 256 bit security. Nothing can be hacked or viewed by the interweb baddies. It also protects your personal information, such during registration or login from being intercepted.

Also if you choose to use your credit or debit card to make the purchase, we at Street Decals can never see your card details as we do not store any sensitive information on our servers.  All processing is taken care of by Pay Pal or our credit card processor.

If your want to test this, add something to your cart and checkout as guest you should be able to see the green padlock in your browser address bar.

You can check this information is correct and signed in all major browsers, by clicking on the green padlock or key symbol

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Security Information Window

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Security Information Window

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Security Information Window


Don’t make it easy for someone to pretend to be you online. Services like internet banking or email will often ask you for a password to stop strangers from accessing your private information.

Never pick obvious passwords like your user name, real name, date of birth, names of family members or simple sequences like ‘abcdef’ or ‘123456’.

Criminals are becoming more and more skilled at hacking into accounts by guessing weak passwords. For example, a commonplace word (which you would find in a dictionary) could be cracked by hacking programs.

Remember to use different passwords for different websites and to change your passwords regularly.

Be smart and come up with strong passwords – ones that are a combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols. But don’t make them so complicated that you can’t remember them!